Inscriptions until  Feb 01/2019 : 

R$150,00 – Graduation Students

R$200,00 – Professors, researches, professionals, post-graduates and community

Inscriptions from Feb 02/2018 to April 30/2019:

R$200,00 – Graduation Students

R$250,00 – Professors, researches, professionals, post-graduates and community

The inscription value includes participation on the event from May 08/2019 to May 10/2019, participation certificate emmited by UFSC and the “participant kit” (Annais of the event, notepads, pen and ENSUS cup). The event has as its differential the price, kept in the lowest value possible to secure the students and community participation, increasing the oportunity to discuss about sustentability.

Attention: any problem envolving your inscription must be communicated to FAPEU, which is responsable to the inscription sistem, by the e-mail:

Important Remarks:

(1) – The inscription tax ensure “coffee break” on the three days and all the lectures, which will be financed by the event. The schedule will be post precedently in order to public knowledge.

(2) – Graduation and Post-Graduation Students must send the application form and some comprobatory document to e-mail

(3) – The scientific work accepted to oral apresentation or poster only will be publicate on the Annais of the event if at least one of the authors are inscript, with confirmed payment, until Mar 30/2019. 

(4) – The payment of the inscription tax allows the author to publish up to  3 accepted articles on the Anais of the event.

(6) – The 12 best articles will be select to compose the  Mix Sustentável Journal – ENSUS edition

(7) – The participation certificate only will be provided for who are effectively accredited, registered and present along the 3 days of event. Article apresentation certificate will be provided only for the author who does the presentation on the event.

(8) – Will not be provide Publication Articles Certificate. The proof of publication on the Annais of the event is the journal itself.

(9) – All the articles approved to oral apresentation or poster, effectively registered on the event, must send the apresentations slides according the officials templates until April 20/2019 for publication on the Annais of the Event. The non-send of the apresentation excludes the publication opportunity, even if the author inscription has been confirmed.

Doubts about inscriptions must be send to the emails: / /