Sustainability Award

The ENSUS Sustainability Award will recognize the best design proposal in the areas of architecture, design and engineering. It aims to encourage the production of academic papers and innovative solutions in the theme.

To participate, send a proposal abstract containing at least the following items:

  • proposal title;
  • authorship and organizational affiliation (there are no limits to the number of authors, however it is considered as good practice that the number of authors does not exceed four);
  • introduction – with description of the objective, problem approached by the project and justification;
  • development – presentation of the concepts, solution, description of the technology and operation of the solution with graphics and illustrations necessary for the perfect understanding of the proposal; methodological synthesis containing the main stages of development and fundamental references;
  • conclusions – pointing to the cost / benefit analysis of the solution and feasibility.

You can use appendixes and formatting is free.

The works will be analyzed by a commission of evaluators composed of at least three members who should analyze the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed solution, level of detail, maturity and quality of the presented development.


The winners, in number of 3 works, ranked from the first to the third place, will receive the free registration in the event ENSUS 2019 and can expose their work in the event during the 3 days of realization, in the form of boards or poster (according to the model of the Event) accompanied by the prototype or model (if applicable).

The awards will be given at the opening event. The winners will be entitled to the award certificate, award icon (medal, trophy or equivalent) and toast according to the classification received.


Entries will be made by sending an e-mail to the event (, identifying in the subject field that the message is pertinent to the award, content of the authors, description of the proposal (containing the minimum items requested) in pdf file. All those who meet the conditions of registration and who receive an e-mail confirmation of receipt of the proposal with the registration number in the AWARD will be considered participants. The deadline for submission of proposals is March 08, 2019.

The participation in the Prize ensures participation in the event only for the top three.

Participants’ materials will be available on the ENSUS event page and in the Virtuhab / UFSC Research Group repository.